Carry On Jatta 3 Review: Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa Starrer Creates Buzz Among Fans
Record-Breaking Box Office Success on Day 1

The much-awaited comedy-drama, “Carry On Jatta 3,” starring Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa, has finally hit the screens. The film has generated a lot of buzz among fans, and its release has been nothing short of extraordinary. Breaking all records at the box office, “Carry On Jatta 3” opened with a staggering estimated collection of 4.25 crores on its first day, surpassing the previous record held by “Honsla Rakh,” featuring Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, and Shehnaaz Gill.

Carry On Jatta 3 Review: Star Cast and Director

Gippy Grewal, Binnu Dhillon, Sonam Bajwa, and Others Shine in Key Roles
Director Smeep Kang Skillfully Handles the Massive Star Cast

Helmed by the talented director Smeep Kang, “Carry On Jatta 3” boasts an ensemble cast featuring some of the top names in the Punjabi film industry. Gippy Grewal, known for his impeccable comic timing, delivers a stellar performance alongside the talented Sonam Bajwa. The film also features Binnu Dhillon, Kavita Kaushik, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Karamjit Anmol, and others in key roles. The collaboration of these actors ensures that each character shines and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Plot Synopsis
A Hilarious Adventure of Three Pals and Their Quest for Marriage
Overcoming Challenges and Convince Their Familiar Family Members

Carry On Jatta 3” revolves around the story of three friends, Jass (Gippy Grewal), Honey (Gurpreet Ghuggi), and Goldy (Binnu Dhillon). Attending a friend’s wedding, Jass meets Meet (Sonam Bajwa) and immediately falls head over heels for her. However, getting married becomes an uphill battle, with numerous challenges standing in their way. They must convince their family members, who already share a colorful past, to accept their union. The film takes audiences on an adventurous ride as they witness the hilarious efforts made by the trio to accomplish their goal.

Acting Performances

  • Top Comedy Actors of Punjabi Cinema Deliver Exceptional Performances
  • Jaswinder Bhalla and Karamjit Anmol Steal the Show with Their On-Screen Chemistry

“Carry On Jatta 3” boasts a star-studded cast, comprising some of the finest comedy actors in Punjabi cinema. Each actor brings their unique charm and talent to the table, ensuring that no character goes unnoticed. Gippy Grewal, Binnu Dhillon, and Gurpreet Ghuggi, who have previously proven their comedic prowess, deliver exceptional performances once again. However, it is the on-screen combination of Jaswinder Bhalla and Karamjit Anmol that deserves special mention. Their chemistry and comic timing consistently steal the show, leaving the audience in splits.

Versatile Songs Enhance the Film’s Appeal, but Some Slowed the Pace

Title Track and “Farishtey” Stand Out with Catchy Lyrics and Melodious Tunes

“Carry On Jatta 3” features a total of six songs, with five of them already released prior to the film’s launch. The makers deserve appreciation for the versatility displayed in the song selection. While

some songs may have seemed unnecessary for the plot and slowed down the film’s pace, there are standout tracks that capture the audience’s hearts. The title track of “Carry On Jatta 3” and the song “Farishtey” stand out with their catchy lyrics and melodious tunes. These songs not only add to the overall appeal of the film but also leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

Direction and Dialogues
Director Smeep Kang Fearlessly Handles the Star Cast and Utilizes Locations Effectively. Naresh Kathooria’s Comedic Dialogue Writing Shines Once Again.

Director Smeep Kang deserves applause for fearlessly handling the massive star cast in “Carry On Jatta 3.” With his skilled direction, he ensures that each character has a significant presence and contributes to the overall comedic charm of the film. The effective utilization of the London setting adds an attractive visual element to the narrative, enhancing the film’s appeal.

The dialogues have always been the trademark of the “Carry On Jatta” series, and the third installment further exemplifies this. The film is filled with hilarious one-liners that will make the audience burst into laughter. Credit goes to Naresh Kathooria, the comedic dialogue writer, who once again showcases his exceptional skills in perfectly portraying every situation. The witty and humorous dialogues add an extra layer of entertainment to the film.

“Carry On Jatta 3” Is the Year’s Funniest Family Entertainer Movie And A Must-Watch Comedy Masterpiece By Director Smeep Kang.

In conclusion, “Carry On Jatta 3” is undeniably the biggest family entertainer of the year. With its top-notch performances, brilliant direction, and witty dialogues, the film guarantees a non-stop laughter riot. Gippy Grewal, Sonam Bajwa, and the entire ensemble cast deliver exceptional comedic timing, leaving the audience in stitches throughout. The versatile songs, though some slower in pace, add to the overall charm of the film. Director Smeep Kang skillfully handles the star cast and utilizes locations effectively, resulting in an attractive visual experience. “Carry On Jatta 3” is a must-watch comedy masterpiece that will leave you wanting more.


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