Pink Parks: Only For Womens Redefining Women’s Outdoor Experience in Delhi

ANI– Delhi Pink Parks: Imagine a place where women can freely enjoy the beauty of nature, exercise without hesitation, and connect with each other in a safe and empowering environment. Delhi, the capital city of India, is taking a bold step towards promoting safety and empowerment for its women by opening pink parks across the city. These women-only parks, known as pink parks, are thoughtfully curated with the needs and aspirations of women in mind.

What Are Pink Parks?


So, what exactly are pink parks? The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has envisioned developing women-only parks across each of the 250 municipal wards in the city. These parks are designed to provide a safe space for women, addressing the safety concerns they often face in public areas. Pink parks aim to create an inclusive environment where women can freely engage in outdoor activities and enjoy the benefits of nature.

The Need for Women-Only Parks in Delhi NCR

The features and facilities in these pink parks are carefully planned to cater to the specific needs of women. You will find selfie points and graffiti, adding a touch of creativity and self-expression. CCTV cameras ensure enhanced security, providing women with a sense of safety while enjoying the park’s amenities. The inclusion of well-maintained toilets ensures convenience and accessibility for women of all ages.

Features and Facilities in Delhi’s Pink Parks

Moreover, pink parks will have open gym equipment, encouraging women to prioritize their physical well-being. Regular parks often witness men dominating the use of gym equipment, making women feel uncomfortable. However, in pink parks, women can exercise freely without any reservations. The presence of additional security measures further enhances the feeling of safety and encourages women to make the most of these facilities.


Pink parks also cater to the needs of children, with dedicated play areas. These child-friendly spaces ensure that mothers can bring their young children along, creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for families. By including children in the park’s design, pink parks foster a sense of togetherness and allow women to spend quality time with their loved ones.

The Pilot Pink Park and Future Plans

The journey towards establishing pink parks began with the opening of the first pilot park in March last year. Located on Mata Sundari Road near Ramlila Ground, this park was maintained entirely by an all-women staff. Although details about the upcoming women-only parks are still emerging, the pilot park serves as a promising example of what can be achieved.

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Historical Background of Women-Only Parks in Delhi

Delhi’s vision of developing exclusive spaces for women in the city is not a new concept. In fact, it dates back to the 19th century when Parda Bagh, the first women-only park, opened on Netaji Subhash Marg in the Daryaganj area. Today, this historical park serves as a reminder of the past while embracing the present.

Addressing Safety Concerns in Delhi’s Pink Parks for Women


Safety concerns have often deterred women from visiting parks and enjoying outdoor activities. The establishment of pink parks addresses these concerns head-on, providing a secure and welcoming environment for women to exercise, relax, and connect with nature. By creating safe spaces, Delhi’s Municipal Corporation acknowledges and respects the diverse needs of women in the city.

Empowerment and Solidarity in Pink Parks

Pink parks go beyond promoting safety; they embody empowerment and solidarity. Stepping into these parks, women are embraced by a tapestry of strength, freedom, and unity. Here, they can rediscover their connection to nature, their bodies, and each other. Pink parks become a catalyst for personal growth, fostering a sense of empowerment among women and nurturing a more equal and inclusive society.

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In conclusion, Delhi’s pink parks represent a significant step towards promoting safety and empowerment for women. These parks not only address the safety concerns that women often face but also provide a platform for personal growth and community building. By embracing the vision of pink parks, Delhi is shaping a brighter and more equal future for all its residents.

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