Surat (Gujarat), July 9 – In a major development, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) revealed the successful seizure of 48 kg of gold paste at Surat International Airport as part of their special operation, ‘Operation Goldmine.’ The valuable haul, one of the largest at the airport in recent times, was confiscated under Section 110 of the Customs Act. The DRI has launched an investigation into the matter under Sections 132 and 135, seeking to uncover the origins and intended destination of the gold.

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence Seizes 48 kg Gold Paste at Surat International Airport

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) made a significant breakthrough in their relentless pursuit against illicit gold smuggling. On Sunday, the DRI announced the seizure of a staggering 48 kg of gold paste at Surat International Airport, attributing the achievement to their special operation named ‘Operation Goldmine‘.

Operation Goldmine Yields One of the Largest Gold Seizures at Surat Airport


An official spokesperson for the DRI confirmed the remarkable seizure, stating, “As part of Operation Goldmine, we have confiscated 48 kg of gold paste at Surat International Airport.” The operation aims to curb the rampant illegal gold trade and crack down on smuggling networks.

DRI Launches Investigation Following Confiscation of 48 kg Gold Paste

The confiscation of 48 kg of gold paste marks a milestone for the DRI and signifies one of the largest seizures of gold at Surat International Airport in recent memory. The DRI is determined to unravel the intricate web of individuals and organizations involved in the illegal trade.

The gold, deemed illegal under Section 110 of the Customs Act, was promptly seized. Furthermore, the DRI has registered a case under Sections 132 and 135, which pertain to offenses related to smuggling and the violation of Customs regulations. The investigation into the matter is currently underway, with the DRI leaving no stone unturned to trace the origins and intended destination of the smuggled gold.

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The operation reflects the DRI’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the nation’s borders and combating the illegal movement of precious commodities. Authorities are focused on dismantling smuggling networks and ensuring that offenders face the full extent of the law.

Conclusion: The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has achieved a significant victory in their ongoing battle against gold smuggling with the seizure of 48 kg of gold paste at Surat International Airport. The operation, aptly named ‘Operation Goldmine,’ has been instrumental in curbing illicit gold trade. The confiscation of such a substantial quantity of gold is a testament to the DRI’s relentless efforts to safeguard the nation’s borders and preserve the integrity of Customs regulations. As the investigation progresses, the DRI remains determined to dismantle smuggling networks and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.


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