Star Cast: Amiek Virk, Srishti Jain, Kabir Bedi, Yograj Singh, Pardeep Rawat, Pardeep Cheema, Ajay Jethi, Ronny Singh, Ram Aujla, Kabir Singh, Rana Jasleen
Director: Harman Dhillon & Nadar Films
Movie Rating:

Overall Rating

Every Punjabi cinephile had been eagerly anticipating the release of the film ‘Junior’ for a considerable time. The trailer had set high expectations, hinting at an action-packed adventure that promised to raise the bar for Punjabi cinema. Now that the film has finally hit the screens, it’s safe to say that it not only met but surpassed those expectations. We’ve watched ‘Junior’ and prepared a detailed review that offers insight without giving away too much. This review will undoubtedly assist you in securing your tickets promptly.

Junior Punjabi Movie Review

  1. Story & Screenplay

The narrative kicks off by introducing Amiek Virk as Junior, a man ensnared in the monotony of daily life. However, a tragic incident shatters this routine, propelling him on a vengeful journey against the culprits. Fueled by Samaira’s (Srishti Jain) promise, Junior embarks on a mission to make the wrongdoers pay. The movie unravels how he strategizes to confront them and evolves into a formidable force.

While the screenplay occasionally felt convoluted, causing minor hiccups, it consistently maintained its grip on excitement and thrills, catering to the audience’s anticipation.

2. Acting

Amiek Virk, who embodies Junior (Jai Singh), is the heartbeat of the film. He can rightfully be dubbed Punjabi cinema’s inaugural action hero. With intense action sequences, a menacing gaze, and authoritative on-screen presence, he shines as the movie’s standout star.

In her Punjabi film debut, Srishti Jain excelled, delivering a noteworthy performance as Samaira. Her portrayal exudes comfort and confidence.

Kabir Bedi’s mere on-screen presence commands applause. His portrayal is a testament to his dedication in portraying his character’s nuances. His powerful voice infuses an extra layer of intrigue to his villainous role.

Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat, Bollywood’s Ghajini, injects energy into the film with his exceptional antagonist portrayal. Ajay Jethi’s portrayal of a cop adds charisma, accompanied by a commanding voice.

While the ensemble cast provided solid support, a few actors playing media roles appeared somewhat wooden, missing an opportunity for more impactful portrayals.

3. Music

The film’s soundtrack resides in a league of its own. Each song resonates with deep emotions, whether it’s ‘Naseeba’ conveying parental separation pain, ‘Shikwa’ as a sorrowful heartbreak anthem, ‘Manjil’ brimming with motivation, or the poignant ‘Shiv Aarti’, a powerful devotional piece. The song placement felt seamless, enhancing each scene’s essence.

Sricharan Pakalt’s compositions stand out, contributing an unmatched background score that elevates the film, etching it into the audience’s memory. His skill in crafting gripping background scores shines brightly in ‘Junior Punjabi Movie’.

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4. Director & DOP of the Junior Film

Harman Dhillon & Team Nadar Films deserve accolades for crafting an enthralling action thriller in the Punjabi language. They portray Amiek as a formidable global hunter. The initial moments are so riveting that it’s hard to believe you’re watching a Punjabi film.

Action director Yannick Ben & Amritpal Singh merit equal praise for their breathtaking choreography and execution of action sequences, which serve as the film’s focal point.

DOP Parvaez.K captures visually stunning, unprecedented action sequences. His depiction skillfully guides the audience’s focus, offering a tantalizing visual feast and a cinematic experience that exudes realism.

Overall Conclusion on Junior Punjabi Film Review

‘Junior Punjabi Movie’ emerges as a monumental achievement for the Punjabi film industry. It cements its place in viewers’ minds and will be remembered for elevating Punjabi cinema through its dynamic action presentation. In this light, Pollywood Vox awards ‘Junior Film’ a remarkable 4.5 stars. A minor deduction stems from sporadic screenplay hitches and the occasional less-than-convincing performance by a few supporting cast members.


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