Karan Aujla and Sharry Mann Threatened by Jassa Group Connected with Bambiha Gang

Karan Aujla, the popular Punjabi singer, and Sharry Mann have been threatened by the Jassa Group, which has links with the Bambiha gang. The group posted a message on Facebook, warning the singers that no matter how many clarifications they make, the Bambiha gang will surely settle their account.

The threat comes after Karan Aujla recently clarified the rumours surrounding his viral video, in which he was seen along with Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother, stating that he was unaware of the people’s attendance.

All this conspiracy is going only because of this viral video. In an alleged video shot recently in a wedding in the USA, gangster LawrenceBishnoi’s brother & an accused in Sidhu MooseWala murder Anmol Bishnoi can be seen alongside singer Karan Aujla. Anmol is an accused in Sidhu Moosewala murder & fled from India on fake passport.

Details of the social media post

In the post shared on social media, the Jassa Group wrote that Karan Aujla and Sharry Mann may enjoy events with the Lawrence gang as much as they want, but they will have to face the consequences. The post suggests that the singers should settle their accounts with the gang before it’s too late. This development has only added fuel to the ongoing controversy, which started after Karan Aujla was seen in the video with Bishnoi’s brother.

Jassa group post

According to reports, the Bambiha gang has connections with the Jassa Group, and both groups have been involved in several illegal activities, including extortion and murder. The ongoing controversy involving Karan Aujla and Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother has brought to light the dark underbelly of the Punjabi music industry, where singers are allegedly associated with gangsters and criminal activities.

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The murder of Sidhu Moosewala and Lawrence Bishnoi’s alleged involvement

The murder of Sidhu Moosewala, a popular Punjabi singer, has also been linked to Lawrence Bishnoi and the Bambiha gang. After an investigation by the Punjab Police, it was revealed that the conspiracy to kill Moosewala was hatched by Lawrence while sitting in Tihar Jail. His brother Anmol and nephew Sachin, along with gangster Goldy Brar, executed the entire conspiracy.

Karan Aujla already facing extortion and threats

IMG 6140

Karan Aujla, in a recent statement, revealed that he was already being extorted and threatened by a gangster, and now again, his life, along with Sharry Mann’s, is in danger. The officials must take immediate action to investigate the threat and ensure the safety of the singers.

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In conclusion, the ongoing controversy involving Karan Aujla and Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother, along with the threat by the Jassa Group, has raised serious concerns about the safety of Punjabi singers and the involvement of gangsters in the music industry. It is high time for the authorities to take strict action against such criminal activities and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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