Movie TitleLehmberginni
DirectorIshan Chopra
Release DateJune 2, 2023
GenreComedy, Romance
Main CastRanjit Bawa, Mahira Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, Sarbjit Cheema, Shivam Sharma
Movie Rating
Overall Rating

Chandigarh, 14 June 2023: Fresh out of the theater, the reviewer is eager to share their thoughts on the Punjabi film “Lehmberginni.” Directed by Ishan Chopra, this movie promised a blend of comedy and romance. However, it left much to be desired in terms of engaging storytelling and compelling events.

“Lehmberginni” follows the misadventures of Lehmber (Ranjit Bawa), a notorious prankster who is sent to live with his sister in England. Despite being in a new environment, Lehmber’s troublesome habits persist, leading him into a web of lies and complications with Ginni (Mahira Sharma), the love interest. Unfortunately, the film fails to create impactful events or generate genuine chaos from these lies, resulting in a predictable plot lacking surprises or emotional investment. The resolution feels contrived, leaving viewers underwhelmed.

Lehmberginni Movie Scene in frame Ranjit Bawa
Lehmberginni Movie Scene

The cast of “Lehmberginni” includes talented actors such as Ranjit Bawa, Mahira Sharma, Nirmal Rishi, Sarbjit Cheema, and Shivam Sharma. While Bawa delivers an acceptable performance, his dominant character leaves little room for others to shine. Sharma’s limited screen time showcases her commendable acting skills, but viewers are left wanting more. Overall, the performances fail to make a lasting impact due to the shallow characterization and lackluster script.

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The music, praised for its versatility, falls short of expectations in “Lehmberginni.” With only five out of the promised nine songs released, the music lacks originality and fails to enhance the film’s narrative or evoke an emotional response. This further diminishes the overall quality of the film.

“Lehmberginni” attempts to impart a moral lesson but falls short in execution. The direction and writing suffer, making the simple story confusing in the second half. The chosen locations may be visually appealing, but they do little to compensate for the film’s overall shortcomings. The slow pacing in the second half and dubbing issues further detract from the viewing experience.

“Lehmberginni” is unlikely to appeal to a broad audience seeking a satisfying cinematic experience. Despite the efforts of the cast, the film fails to live up to its potential. It cannot be recommended for its weak storytelling, predictable plot, and underdeveloped characters. “Lehmberginni” receives a lukewarm rating, indicating its inability to deliver on the promised comedy and romance.

Overall RATING: 3.5 out of 5

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