Marques Brownlee a Tech YouTuber Buys Original iPhone for RS 3268900: Watch Unboxing Video and More

Marques Brownlee also known as MKBHD, one of the biggest Tech YouTubers in the world, recently bought an original iPhone in its original, unopened box for ₹32,68,900. After a record-breaking OG iPhone was sold for ₹51,77,610 in February, the phone that Marques bought was auctioned in April, and he won. He did what any curious Apple fan would do and made a YouTube video checking if the product was legitimate and opening the box. The 13-minute video is a fascinating journey back in time that any tech lover would enjoy.

The Record-Breaking OG iPhone Auction

iphone auction og phone

Over the last several months, several sealed first-generation iPhones have gone up for auction. One such device was sold for a record-setting 51,77,610 in February, and another auction in April saw a sealed original iPhone with a “Lucky You” sticker on the packaging sell for 32,95,051.

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Marques Brownlee Buys an Original iPhone for ₹32,68,900

mkbhd original iphone 3gs

Marques Brownlee purchased the sealed original iPhone earlier this month for ₹32,68,900. This was actually at the very bottom end of the auction house’s threshold, which was between ₹32,68,900 and ₹46,68,900. The unboxing video that Marques made is a trip down memory lane, as he breaks open the shrink wrap and unboxes the iPhone and its accessories, just as a buyer back in 2007 would have.


The ₹32,68,900 iPhone 3GS Unboxing Video By MKBHD

During the unboxing, Marques shows that the sealed original iPhone was for real, and it had it all: all the papers, plastic seals, an iPhone dock, the classic EarPods, a polishing cloth, a USB-A charge brick, and a USB-A to 30-pin cable. After 16 years, as you can imagine, the original iPhone didn’t turn on on the first try.

After replacing the charging brick, Marques could make the iPhone turn on. Although it was a bit tricky to get it to work, the OG iPhone did turn on, but Marques couldn’t pass the “Connect to iTunes” screen. He would have to download an older version of iTunes, but since it was an original iPhone, it had the first software available, and as of now, he was completely locked out from the phone.

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The “Lucky You” Sticker Story

lucky you sticker iphone 3gs

What was that “Lucky You” sticker? Marques didn’t answer the question in his video, but the story behind it was discovered in the comment section. A 2007 former Apple retail employee said that those “Lucky You” stickers were introduced in Apple Stores during the Christmas season that year.

If you wanted to gift the iPhone to someone, you got one of those stickers and put them on the phone. A lot of people with no intention of gifting the phones got them too. That’s why the “Lucky You” sticker is all over the box, upside down sometimes, on the back, and multiple stickers on the box sometimes because it was put on at the store, not at the factory.

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