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Punjab’s vibrant history has found its cinematic homage in “Mastaney,” a period drama directed by Sharan Art. Tarsem Jassar, Karamjit Anmol, and Gurpreet Ghuggi lead a talented cast in this epic tale of brave Sikhs battling the formidable 18th-century invader Nader Shah. Released in five languages, “Mastaney” takes viewers on a journey back to a crucial moment in Sikh history. Here’s our detailed review of the film that has garnered a solid Kiddaan rating of 4 stars.


Mastaney” opens with the heroic Sikh warriors launching attacks on Nader Shah’s camps. Their valor and determination are showcased as they loot the stolen treasures and rescue enslaved women. This sets the stage for a gripping narrative that follows the Sikhs’ defiant stand against oppression. The film captures the essence of their struggle, as five artists are roped in to impersonate Sikhs and challenge Nader Shah’s tyranny. The story’s pacing is deliberate, gradually building up momentum and culminating in a breathtaking climax.

Acting & Performances

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Tarsem Jassar’s portrayal of Zahoor stands out with its captivating intrigue, reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s iconic Jack Sparrow. Gurpreet Ghuggi’s commanding performance impresses, showcasing his versatility beyond comedy. Karamjit Anmol, Honey Mattu, and Baninder Bunny deliver stellar performances that contribute to the film’s impact. Simi Chahal, though brief on screen, shines brightly in her role. Rahul Dev’s terrifying presence adds depth to the cast, while Avtar Gill and Arif Zakaria deliver notable performances.


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Sharan Art’s direction excels in navigating the challenges of the film’s theme while delivering a compelling story. The filmmakers handle the sensitive subject matter with finesse, showcasing the significance of Sikhism and Punjab’s history. While the slow screenplay and film length could have been refined, “Mastaney” remains a commendable project in terms of direction.

Mastaney Music & Dialogues Review

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“Mastaney” boasts a simple yet engaging playlist, with the song “Shehzada” standing out as particularly entertaining. The background music enhances the film’s emotional resonance. The film’s dialogues, including powerful shayaris, leave a lasting impact and contribute to its overall appeal.


“Mastaney Movie Review” emerges as a must-watch film that celebrates Punjab’s heroic past. It offers a gateway into Sikh culture, shedding light on its significance and struggles. While a slower pace and length deduction affect the rating slightly, “Mastaney” remains a compelling watch. Team Pollywood Vox rates it 4 stars, making it a film well worth your time. Support the industry’s growth and delve into this riveting tale.

Final Verdict

What’s Good: The film’s portrayal of Punjab’s history on a grand scale, and the industry’s efforts to spread its cultural significance to a wider audience.

What’s Bad: The pressure to cater to diverse audiences may have led to some narrative simplifications.

Loo Break: While the film mostly captivates, there are moments where a break won’t be amiss.

Watch or Not: Support the burgeoning industry by watching “Mastaney.” However, temper your expectations if you’re accustomed to larger-than-life narratives like SS Rajamouli’s.

Language: Punjabi (with subtitles). Available On: In Theatres Near You. Runtime: 145 Minutes.

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A deep exploration of Sikh culture, “Mastaney,” set in 1739, encapsulates the spirit of Sikhs rebelling against Nadar Shah’s oppression. Five ordinary individuals disguised as Sikhs join the struggle and eventually find themselves deeply connected to the community’s values and beliefs.

Script Analysis

“Mastaney” marks a triumphant moment for a niche industry, as it successfully brings the Sikh culture to a pan-India audience. Written by Sharan Art with dialogues by Harnav But Singh, the film adeptly balances educating and entertaining viewers. However, the script sometimes appears limited by the pressure of its budget and the need to reach a wide audience. The story’s broad strokes, while necessary for historical context, result in characters lacking depth. The first half’s focus on setup could have better explored the integral Sikh rebel group. Despite these shortcomings, the film remains a commendable effort.

Star Performances

Tarsem Jassar’s charismatic presence shines as he embodies Zahoor, reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Gurpreet Ghuggi’s shift from comedy to a nuanced role is a significant achievement, and Rahul Dev delivers a terrifying performance. However, the use of fake beards detracts from the authenticity of the cast’s appearance.

Direction & Music

Sharan Art’s direction excels in combat sequences, while Jaype Singh’s cinematography captures the essence of the film. The music, although not consistently memorable, serves its purpose. The film’s dialogues and shayaris elevate its impact.

Final Thoughts

While “Mastaney” celebrates Sikh culture admirably, it could have delved deeper into its nuanced themes. The film’s success lies in its ability to bridge cultural awareness and entertainment, making it a worthwhile watch.


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