Russian President Vladimir Putin Suffers Cardiac Arrest: Health Concerns Spark Global Speculation

New Delhi, India: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s reported cardiac arrest has ignited international discussions about his health. Learn the latest details and speculations on Putin’s condition and his inner circle’s reactions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health has come under intense scrutiny as reports emerge of a recent cardiac arrest incident. The news, initially shared by General SVR, an organization claiming access to classified intel on Kremlin activities, has gone viral. This revelation has triggered debates about the Russian leader’s well-being and raised questions about his fitness for the role.

The news of Putin’s alleged cardiac arrest reverberated across international media, catching the attention of prominent British outlets such as The Mirror, The Express, and GB News. The reports ignited a wave of discussions surrounding the Russian leader’s health and sparked debates about his enduring reign.

Putin’s Health Scare:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest following months of speculation over his health. Picture: Gavriil Grigorov/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool
Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest following months of speculation over his health. Picture: Gavriil Grigorov/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool

The incident occurred around 9:05 pm on a Sunday when Putin was reportedly found lying on the floor of his bedroom next to overturned food and drinks. According to General SVR, Putin’s security personnel rushed to the scene after hearing noises and the sound of the president hitting the floor. Medical professionals on duty at the residence immediately performed resuscitation after determining that the president had suffered a cardiac arrest. Fortunately, timely assistance restarted his heart, and Putin regained consciousness.


Inner Circle’s Concern:

This latest health scare has reportedly left Putin’s inner circle in the Kremlin deeply concerned about his condition. Speculations have intensified due to cryptic social media posts, with one user expressing their hope for Putin’s recovery.

International Reactions:

The news of Putin’s cardiac arrest has not only captured global attention but has also prompted reactions from various quarters. Ukraine’s adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, expressed skepticism about the situation. A Telegram post by a user named “Z-blogger” praying for Putin’s well-being added to the speculation.

Media Speculations:

Putin’s recent absence from public appearances, coupled with Russia’s 20-month-long invasion of Ukraine, has fueled speculation about his ability to lead. General SVR, the channel that broke the news, has made startling claims, suggesting that recent appearances by Putin may have been carried out by body doubles. These claims have not been substantiated by concrete evidence.

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Continuing Controversy:

The controversy surrounding Putin’s health deepens, as the General SVR channel has asserted that Putin’s health has been deteriorating due to various health issues, including oncology. It’s worth noting that the Kremlin has repeatedly denied that Putin suffers from any health problems.

Doubts and Debates:

The claims of body doubles and Putin’s failing health continue to be a subject of debate. The situation has raised concerns about the authenticity of Putin’s recent appearances, and whether the president’s health might be worse than officially acknowledged.


The recent reports of a cardiac arrest suffered by Russian President Vladimir Putin have added a new layer of uncertainty to the already mysterious world of Kremlin politics. While international media and observers continue to speculate, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the future of Russia and its leadership.

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