The Toronto Blue Jays made a decisive move on Friday as they announced the removal of pitcher Anthony Bass, one day after the right-handed reliever defended an anti-LGBTQ social media post he had shared last month.

The team’s decision came just hours before Bass was scheduled to catch a ceremonial first pitch from Toronto LGBTQ activist leZlie Lee Kam as part of the Blue Jays’ fourth annual Pride Weekend celebration.

With this move, the team now has seven days to either trade Bass or put him on waivers.

The Controversial Social Media Post of Anthony Bass on LGBTQ Community

The Controversial Social Media Post of Anthony Bass on LGBTQ Community

Anthony Bass found himself embroiled in controversy after sharing a post on his Instagram account that called for anti-LGBTQ boycotts of Target and Bud Light. The post criticized the companies for their support of the LGBTQ community, leading to backlash and public outcry. Both Target and Bud Light have faced criticism and received hostile and homophobic comments as a result of these campaigns. LGBTQ activists have been vocal in urging the companies not to succumb to the pressure.

Anthony Bass’ Apology After Comments and His Personal Beliefs

Anthony Bass' Apology After Comments and His Personal Beliefs About LGBTQ

Realizing the impact of his actions, Anthony Bass issued an apology before a game against the Milwaukee Brewers on May 30. However, the apology did little to quell the negative sentiment surrounding him. In subsequent home appearances, Bass was met with boos from Toronto fans.

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Speaking to the media prior to a game against the Houston Astros on Thursday, Bass stood by his “personal beliefs” while also expressing his commitment to educating himself on LGBTQ issues. He revealed that he had met with the executive director of Pride Toronto, an activist group, as part of his efforts to broaden his understanding.

The Blue Jays’ Decision after Anthony Bass Comments on LGBTQ

The Blue Jays' Decision after Anthony Bass Comments on LGBTQ

Ultimately, the Toronto Blue Jays decided to cut ties with Anthony Bass in light of the controversy and the impact it had on the team and its fans. With Bass’s release, the Blue Jays have created a seven-day window to explore potential trades or to place him on waivers.

Anthony’s Replacement and Blue Jays Moving Forward

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To fill the void left by Bass’s departure, the Blue Jays activated right-hander Mitch White off the 60-day injured list. White, who has been recovering from an injury, now has the opportunity to contribute to the team’s pitching staff.

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The Toronto Blue Jays have taken a firm stance by releasing pitcher Anthony Bass following his involvement in a controversial anti-LGBTQ social media post. The decision comes at a crucial time as the team gears up for its fourth annual Pride Weekend celebration. With this move, the Blue Jays send a clear message about their commitment to inclusivity and respect within the organization. As the team looks ahead, the focus will now shift to the future and finding the right replacement to bolster their pitching staff. Stay tuned for more updates and news from the Toronto Blue Jays at


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